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Pac-Man Power Pellets

2022-10-26 10:06 Author : admin Watch :

Pac-Man Power Pellets


Pac-Man Power Pellets is a time-limited ball-throwing game. Gain extra points by landing a ball on a power pellet.


Pac-Man Power Pellets is a time-limited ball-throwing game. After throwing the ball into the Pac-Man’s mouth, a virtual ball will appear on the screen. The ball will drop into 1 of 7 positions and players will gain extra points. If the virtual ball lands on a power pellet, it can trigger a 10-second higher score mode indicated by the Pac-Mans turning blue.

When the player reaches a certain score, there is an extra “Free Spin” after the game is completed, and the score is accumulated to the player’s total score.

Product Specifications

Width: 43"
Depth: 102"
Height: 98"
Width: 45"
Depth: 67"

Height: 85"

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