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NGX Mini 3 Jukebox

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NGX Mini 3 Jukebox


Tailored to fit locations where available wall space is limited, the NGX Mini 3 is a compact jukebox that keeps pace with devices twice its size. Measuring only 31×19 inches, this wall-mounted jukebox features a wide touchscreen display, backlit marquee, and an interactive light show and equalizer. Music video capabilities can be added simply by connecting to one or more TVs.



Choosing a new jukebox to add to your route doesn’t have to be a complicated decision. Today, there are lots of similarities across brands – from great lighting and sound to mobile integration to having all the music that matters most. 

How is AMI different? That’s easy! AMI generates better profitability with both song AND music video plays, simplifies your life with one set of parts, and provides the same level of friendly and helpful support to all customers, regardless of their size. 

Businesses that operate AMI earn more while spending less. 


 The compact NGX Mini 3 gives you great sound, unbeatable music, and dynamic lighting effects to entertain any crowd. 

• Connect customers of all ages with the artists and genres they love the most – all searchable through a simple & straightforward menu. 

• Offer patrons access to over a million songs stored online or block the display of artists, songs, or genres that aren’t quite right for your location. 

• Kick your jukebox experience into high gear with thousands of music videos that play on one or more connected TVs. (HDMI cable required). 

• Change the default language preference from English to Spanish and tap into AMI’s robust collection of Latin American music. 

• Tap into hundreds of thousands of fanatic AMI mobile app users. Our app not only allows patrons to play the jukebox, it also allows them to carry unused credits from venue to venue. 

• Use AMI Ad Manager to build and schedule your very own ads that display on the jukebox. Choose from one of our ready-made templates or upload an image you’ve already designed. 

• Get peace of mind with unbeatable first-in-class tech support. AMI’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can resolve many issues right over the phone. 

With an easy-to-use interface, reliable hardware that won’t leave you hanging, and revenue-boosting add-ons like music video, it’s easy to see why the NGX Mini 3 is the right fit for your location. 

GO BASIC OR GO BIG. Unlike other jukeboxes, the NGX Mini 3 can be configured in endless ways. Find the right custom fit for your business: 

• Add music video by taking advantage of the NGX Mini 3’s video-ready capability. Simply connect your jukebox to one or more TVs – promote your jukebox, promote your business, and play music videos on television! 

• Display your Mini 3 anywhere using the NGX Subwoofer Jukebox Stand (includes adjustable leg levelers and 12″ subwoofer). 

• Upgrade your NGX Mini 3 sound system from 2-channel to 4-channel with our Amplifier Upgrade Kit. 

• Go wireless with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless Aircards. 

• Add ADA Compliance to your wall-mounted NGX Mini 3 with our new ADA Trackball Kit! 

• Double your ability to capture revenue on busy nights with dual CPI bill acceptors.

Product Specifications

Height: 31”, Width: 19.5”, Depth: 8”

Weight: 75 pounds

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